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Relatively New user Busted By Cable Co.


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I used to use torrent programs all the time. The Idea ( or at least I perceive) is to share software and or other things like older movies and or music between friends/peers for personal use and to be deleted shortly there after.

Having said that. I was looking for a movie for a smaller child on some torrent sites,

found one and used utorrent to download it., i addition, I also dled some pretty current software and a few other small programs.

I have two friends that use Utorrent and the page Piratebay on a daily basis to watch cable shows etc, one downloads HUGE software programs of the latest design, and tons of movies! And also have the same provider within a mile of my home.

I run my network encrypted.

So.. I downloaded three programs one being an avi movie and two software programs one being a microsoft product. Both of which are still being used. My grandson and I watch the movie which was NOT being currently shown in any theaters around here and I thought had been out for at leat a year.

The very next DAY my cable internet provider sent me a message and basically was a cease and desist letter telling me to stop illegal activity they also had the time day and name of movie.

My question is, I also run Peer Block stopping tcp/ip activity on my pc unless i authorize such. How can I prevent my provider from seeing my activity? How can I use an anonmizer in addition to Utorrent? Both of the friends DO not use anonomizers and Do not use a TCP/Ip monitoring software.

Why was I subject to the random search of the day how can I prevent it>?

Im scared to even use my utorrent now!

Any help is greatly appreciated

Thank you


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