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Utorrent not working correct after wakeup computer


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Hello, sorry for my english.

After i have updated to uttorent 3.3 i have big problem with it. It work fine if just start and work with it. But if i have wake up computer after sleep (hibernation) torrent stop working correct. When i download any files it loading all data to memory (cache), but not writing to hard drive. So download parts is green and whole file is in memory. In status in writing ... idk how to translate probably "Allocating". Also if try to exit from utorrent it still kept proccess, so i should kill it in task manager. After i relaunch it - it start works fine again.

For me it is a big problem, because I use hibernation constantly, and eventually must use version 3.2.3 for normal work. Disabling firewall/antivirus not help.

How to fix this problem?

your operating system:

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

your current version of µTorrent (including build number):

3.3 build 29544

your ISP

Ukraine, triolan, speed up to 1 gbit/s.

any other software or connection settings you’re running that may interfere with µTorrent (including but not limited to: Avast antivirus

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