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Connecting to peers


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I have issue with new utorrent, 3.3. after some time i get message on all torrents Connecting to peers, checked the firewall (mikrotik), checked the ports and everything is fine.

now i could think that problem is in internet provider (i have optical net connection), or in firewall etc... but it is not problem there, why, simple if i restart the utorrent it starts to download, if it was problem somewhere else the restarting utorrent will not resolve the issue.

before restart of utorrent


after restart


please can i get some help to resolve this

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What internet security software?

What setup guide did you use to configure uTorrent?

it is Server 2012 with built in windows defender ("Microsoft Security Essentials").

Before i had server 2003 R2 64bit without AV and same problem so decided to put the new one to see if there will be some difference.

setup guide, none,

- did the port mapping, tcp,udp to high end number like 55000

- disabled the upnp port mapping (it is disabled in mikrotik so no need to enable it),and NAT-PMP port mapping is disabled.

- Connections, global max 100, and 50 per torrent

- Max active torrents are 2

- BitTorrent, all checked except Local Peer Discovery, Enable Peer Exchange, Limit local peer band...

everything else is by default, and i have webui enabled, so in 90% of time i'm adding torrents via webui

if you need config from utorrent please let me know

please note that torrent client like vuze, qbittorrent is working, but i don't want to move to other clients, using utorrent for many years...and it has unique feature in webui that no other client has :)

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tried everything, it's not working, it seems to happen when there is nothing in queue for long time, then when you add something it can't connect to peers, need to restart it.

i will install old version, 1.X or 2.X to see if it is working in those version.

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