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Problem with re-checking the few torrents at once


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Good day!

I use µTorrent 3.3 (build 29544) [32-bit] and found two bugs.

The steps to repeat first of them:

1. Select several torrents;

2. Stop seeding them;

3. Force Re-Check for these several torrents -

µTorrent will mark these torrents as being re-checked, but will re-check just one torrent, and then mark all torrents as checked, though did check only one of them.

And now interesting moment - second problem, which is difficult to repeat:

When I tried to stop re-checking and start it again - µTorrent confused and displays "Checked 630684.7%". Later it was not be able to close correct - I had to stop its process. After restarting application I was be able to re-check those torrents one at a time.

Screenshot to the second accident:


Thank you for your shown attention!

Best regards.

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