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ComputerName with DomainName in the peers window???


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I run uTorrent when I am at home on my business laptop. I am used to see the names of my peers in the peers window for example as:

45-56-107-254-static.ca.allround.net [uTP]

12-56-22-34-platform.adsl.be [uTP]

In the last weeks, since my last upgrade, from time to time I see my own node in the list, but with its full Windows computername + domainname!!, for example:


Now I am completely at loss: does this mean that all my peers see my complete nodename rather than the raw address given to me by my ISP?!?!?

Please tell me if this is the case and if it is possible to disable it in the preferences. I have looked at this but could not find any hint about this whole business.

I am using version 3.3.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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I've answered this VERY same question around SIX times on this forum, 30 seconds searching will save HOURS of waiting.

LAN names and IPs ARE NOT, NOT, NOT, routable to a WAN, this is why they are called PRIVATE IP ranges. That is what a NAT router does, Network Address Translation. it translate the non-routable internal private IP addresses and network names to the EXTERNAL PUBLIC IP and hostname.

And of course the external PUBLIC IP and hostname is FAR FAR more traceable and trackable than the internal hostname is.

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30 seconds WHAT? you may perform one single friggin' search every 30 secs! Are you seriously assuming that I did not try to search the forum first?!?!

I have tried a lot of 30 secs searches. I have tried all sorts of combinations of "Windows computer domain name peers view address" and guess what? the answer is always "no hits".

Don't waste my time trying to patronize me. Try instead to make yourself understood and help, rather than show off your technical mumbo-jumbo. Who cares what a NAT router does for a living? Who cares about your unrequested opinions over traceability?

I simply asked to know if other people see me as 123-23-34.ppp.ddd.net or JAMES.WHITE.unilever.com. And if my personal name appears in the peers window, how to avoid it using the settings of utorrent.

Can you answer this? if not, go patronize someone else.

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