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Will only upload to 1 peer per torrent


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For no reason that I can determine utorrent has decided to only upload to a single peer on any torrent.

At the moment I am seeding 5 very active torrents with lots of leeches visible but while I can see lots of peers in each torrent it will only upload to 1 peer per torrent.

On one of the torrents I am the initial seeder, same scenario - will only upload to one at a time, despite at least 40 peers connecting.

I downloaded a different client to see if maybe it was router/hardware issue but it works fine with another client.

My setup has changed recently, adding a wireless router - but appeared to be working fine up until today.

I have checked through my preferences and all seems as it should.

Any ideas?

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Ive got the exact same problem. Only really noticed it over the past 2 (maybe) weeks when ive had to upload torrents to a site i run. I know there were quite a few updates in a row and automatically i just hit update as it gets annoying having it pop up all the time.

Anybody know a fix? I don't really like change and prefer to keep the relationship going with utorrent ;)

The current version i have is uTorrent 3.3 (build 29544) [32-bit]

I also have another problem where if i limit a torrents upload speed the whole torrent client stops uploading instead of limiting it to a certain KB/s. Any fix on this too?


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