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uTorrent download skipped files into torrent 2


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I saw similar topic but problem seems exist.

I'm using latest version - 3.3.29126

I've reinstall system and moved there prev. torrents.

After that I've noticed that it starts to download (or just create skipped files)

It's really sucks to see skipped files that have size about 2-3GB near selected.

Today I've rolled back to 3.0 version. There ALL fine with the same files and torrents.

use_partfile is set to true.

Any ideas?


Also I've found that latest 3.2 version works fine as well as 3.0 except one thing.

Inside torrent exist files list tab.

In 3.2 it looks like this:


Numbers in circles exist in 3.2 version. In 3.0 version those red marks is "0 b".

But in both cases extra files(skipped by me) are ABSENT.

After update to latest 3.3 this screenshot looks the same but extra files(skipped by me) are PRESENT

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