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What the hell did you upload: This is not a Bencoded file

Grimmest Reaper

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Hi There,

Yesterday I created a Torrent file with Utorrent V3.3.When I tried to Upload it to Bitsoup I received the above dreaded message. I then downloaded Bencode Editor and verified that the file has no errors.The Bitsoup team suggest I change back to an earlier version of Utorrent, which suggests there may be a problem with the Torrent creation utility in Utorrent V3.3. I have noted that some commentators believe this problem could be caused by the Torrent containing negative values. As a relative newbie I am now confused as to whether the problem is the Torrent creation or its parsing. Any help you could provide would be gratefully received,

Best Wishes,

Grimmest Reaper

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