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Windows Media has gaps when I am downloading torrent


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I am experiencing a problem.

Windows Media Player has some gaps when I am downloading a file with uTorrent.

Some important data:

Max Download speed with uTorrent: 1.4 MB/s (one dot four megabytes per second|)

OS: Windows 7, 32 bits, 4GB of RAM

Processor: Intel Core I5, 3550

Motherboard: ASUS P8ZZ77 M-PRO


Spyware Doctor with Antivirus (registered)

uTorrent free version

Windows Media version: 12

If I download other file from any site, for example, even at 1.4 MB/s

Windows Media Player does not have any gaps.

Maybe any antivirus or firewall are always scanning and using many resources?

I think that the speed of download is not cause of the problem.

Any answer are welcome...

Kind regards,


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