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µTorrent freezes when reaching about 50+ active torrents


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I'm having great difficulties getting µTorrent to behave stable on my Windows Server 2012 Datacenter dedicated server, I've been dealing around with recommended version such as µTorrent 2.0.1, µTorrent 2.2.1, tried the latest µTorrent 3.3 branch, gave the µTorrent 3.3.1 BETA a go, even tried the µTorrent 3.4 Alpha a shot.

They all give about the same result whereas the entire UI becomes slow and barley usable upon reaching about 50+ active torrents. Up until this point each and every version behaves perfectly normal and seems rock stable as long as my FreeNAS server is accessible (all torrents are stored, and downloaded to my dedicated FreeNAS file-server, not stored locally on the Windows Server itself.).

But then suddenly, SMASH! The UI becomes horridly slow, like it will respond every 3-5 minutes and after I try to deal with this horrendous slow behaviour some of the active torrents might report some failures like "not enough memory available to complete this operation", "disk overloaded %", "finding peers" and whatnot which µTorrent never seems to have any problems with up until reaching 50+ active torrents. And the all of a sudden it just crashes, or I have to force crash it as it haven't responded in like a few hours. And upon starting µTorrent again, the UI never shows but there is a "µTorrent.exe 32-bit" application running in task manager so when trying to start it again I'm getting told µTorrent is already running even though I can't see any sign of any actual µTorrent UI Window anywhere.

Considering this is a dedicated Window Server 2012 Datacenter install, barely running anything and it features a Intel Xeon E3-1245 Quad Core (Sandy Bridge), Asus P8B-E/4L Server / Workstation motherboard (Intel C204), 16GB of Crucial 1600MHz ECC RAM and it's all running of a Intel 520 series 60GB SSD it should be safe to say µTorrent shouldn't really be any major problem for this hardware.

It should have a perfect connection to my FreeNAS file-server as well, as both the FreeNAS server and my Windows Server 2012 server both are running a 4x Gigabit LACP (Dynamic Link Aggregation) to a Cisco SG-300 28-Port Managed Switch.

Is it so simple as µTorrent simply have horrible performance when it comes to save and load stuff that are not locally saved on the actual system itself? Or is the memory footprint simply not efficient enough so starting to have 50+ active torrents is too much for it to handle without breaching the 32-bit application limit of 2GiB RAM usage?

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I've been 'road testing' qbitorrent on Windows for several months with no problems.

One of the biggest problems with ANY client is that most users think that a bigger cache means better download speeds, when really all it does it mean more work for the client having to manage the cache.

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