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Problems with 3.3


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Having got burned with the entire "torrents won't start" in infinite Check bug on the 3.3 build, I quickly back-dated to the 3.2 version. Let me say that both the QA and the handling of that on the back-end were a total fiasco and most likely has tumbled the popularity of utorrent quite a bit in favor of other torrent engines, which is very unfortunate as utorrent is still the best product out there.

Now I find myself gun-shy about updating my utorrent client ever again. I certainly will not even attempt to roll until we flip up to a 3.4 version. I would strongly advise the management team not to roll to 3.4 until this issue has been *completely* resolved. Personally, I figure I'll try an update again at 3.4 and 3.5. If I find myself installing 3.6 and *still* having to back-date -- well, three strikes, right? I'd definitely be shopping around for a new client at that point and I'd have to write-off utorrent for at least a year.

I understand all of the arguments of the problem being with the "system", because utorrent is doing what is "technically" the "right thing". However, please keep in mind that from a customer point of view, the ONLY question that matters is: Does it work? I can give you a long list of products which were technically excellent and didn't meet the customer needs - none of which are still products today for exactly that reason.

Get it together utorrent, and roll on!

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