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RSS skips certain entries


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Mostly RSS is working correctly. I am impressed how well the filters function.

Every once in a while it misses a download. I do not think it is the filter failing to match. When I click on the category list for the particular feed it shows a list that it got from the RSS URL. When I open the RSS URL in the browser I see that they mostly match. Some entries have a status of RSS while the ones I have configured filters for show downloading or seeding.

But some entries in the RSS URL are simply not present on the utorrent RSS side. Has anyone encountered this problem? Any suggestions on what to look for to isolate the problem? By example:

URL uTorrent


download4 download5

download3 download4 <- no mention of download3

download2 download2

download1 download1

I am running utorrent 3.0.1

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