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Preallocation during forced recheck


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So, my torrents are a mess. I'm shifting things around and trying to figure out what's what. So, take Torrent A for example.

I add Torrent A to my µTorrent, it sets its location to the default directory and sits stopped at 0.0%. I may have downloaded the content of Torrent A before now and am attempting to see if it is there to reseed. I right click the torrent and set download location as the folder it should be in if it were there. I then force recheck and do not have any success. I look into the folder however, and there is now a preallocated file of the correct size and name that is unusable. How can I prevent this from happening? There's no way to tell between useful and useless files without opening each of them, and they take up lots of space.

Preallocate all files preference is disabled.

System is Windows Vista SP3 32bit

µTorrent version is 3.3 build 29625

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No, I don't think so. The torrent has only a single file, so uTorrent doesn't make a new folder for it.

In the example G:\Folder 1\Torrents Directory\Where the file would be but not part of the torrent\Precisely where the file would be.mp3, I'm pointing it at the folder where the file would be, but that folder was not created by a torrent. It's still preallocating, either way.

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