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[Solved] Cannot limit download speed


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uTorrent version: 3.3 build 29625 [32-bit]

OS: Windows 8 Professional

What's happening: I cannot limit the download speed. Even if the download limit is 700 kB/s it's downloading with over 3 mB/s (max speed)

How to reproduce: Set the download speed right clicking in the uTorrent bar, where the download speed is shown and set a lower download speed.

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Hey rafi !

It seems like it wasn't. I'm pretty sure before it was, but last days I got a notice about a new version but couldn't update, so I downloaded uTorrent and just reinstalled again, so I think that was when those boxes has been unchecked. I checked them and seems that it's working now, I didn't know that that box can cause such an issue.

Thank you. Problem solved.

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