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3.3 stable massive corked jobs crash


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What the hell happened? Now when I've finished a torrent that's still in cache, if the corked jobs shoots up it crashes for NO reason. What the hell. Here's my setup:

1TB NAS built into my router on gigabit connection to my computer

Windows 7 Ultimate on my desktop with µTorrent cache @ 1.75gb (the maximum permitted).

This set up has worked FLAWLESSLY doing downloads at 6mb/sec THROUGH TO MY PC and WRITING RIGHT BACK TO THE ROUTER for the past YEAR. Now with the latest 3.3 stable, if the disk is busy because one of my roommates is accessing it, and I go to write a torrent after it finishes downloading, µTorrent outright crashes and causes even MORE problems because it thrashes the NAS even more with massive read requests. I basically have to just start the friggin torrent all over again deleting everything that's been downloaded just because µTorrent crashes again and again and again. It was fine for literally the PAST YEAR with no problems. I now see this "corked jobs" readout and suddenly everything's broken! GRRR, when did µTorrent become AWFUL with disk management!?

Don't suggest I turn my cache down (it's been this high for 4 years now without a problem), that's there for a reason (bad disk cluster previously), I have a lot of smaller files that only tie up the disk for a short period of time and it used to get right back to writing without a problem.

I am now WASTING my ratio on my private trackers having to work around this previously-perfect software.

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Don't suggest I turn my cache down (it's been this high for 4 years now without a problem),

And of course in four years nothing has changed at all.

Well there of course has been, I've upgraded ALL my hardware, my previous NAS had a bad disk cluster, I retired that and built my new dual-core amd 4200+ 1GB DDR pfSense router with NAS functionality implemented and tuned, replacing a combo DD-WRT WRT300N + WRT150N + pfSense P3 1Ghz 256mb PC133 router/tiny NAS. I have switched my desktop from a Phenom 9850BE to an FX-8120 OC'd @ 4.2Ghz, and went from 6gb DDR2 to 16GB DDR3. My network was also upgraded to gigabit. Again, no changes that should have made any impact other than supporting my setup.

Again, my computer has a direct gigabit link to the router/NAS no other equipment in the way, and it's worked fine for the past year since I built it, and ever since I got rid of that bad IDE disk cluster years ago and switched up to the pfSense systems, I've never had a problem. There's a lot of variables yes, but nothing has significantly changed except µTorrent.

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