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[HELP] Moved Files, Selective Seeding


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I'm an absolute beginner in these forums, so if this is in the wrong forum, feel free to move it to the right one.

Having been a uTorrent user for AGES now, I finally decided to make an account and get some help.

1. I've downloaded a file, say a movie X, to my C drive. To keep my C drive clear, I then c/p it to D drive. Now that's all fine, but the movie's pretty damn epic and I want to keep seeding it. But I get the "File missing from job" error. I might be a complete nub, but a bit of help on how to re-attach the file to the metadata would be nice. Can anyone tell me how?

2. My ISP (cable internet in India), works using a simple principle. There's an 'internet' connection, at 500 Kbps, and a WAN 'peering' network at 20 Mbps. So other users of the ISP get torrents from each other pretty fast (movie in 5 minutes). Now, although I love seeding for people, I can't afford my 'net to get jammed. Is there any setting in uTorrent that allows seeding only in your WAN and not in the 'internet', so to speak? 20 Mbps, I can spare. But that 500 kbps, I need free.

Thanks for your time.

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