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"Run Program" feature not working for "Downloading" state


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This is happening in the latest uTorrent stable (3.3 build 29625) as well as uTorrent Beta (3.3.1 build 29594)

The trigger to run an external program when a torrent's status changes to "Downloading" seems to be inconsistent. (Talking about the global setting here, not the per-torrent setting.)

When going from "Paused" to "Downloading", it seems to work just fine.

When going from just about any other state to "Downloading", nothing happens. For instance, "Queued", or "Stopped" - nothing. I noticed that it's actually going through an intermediary "Finding peers" state when you're going from "Stopped" or "Queued" to "Downloading". Going from "Paused" to "Downloading" skips this state, so perhaps the issue of the external program not being run correlates to going from "Finding peers" to "Downloading"? This is a new problem in the recent versions of uTorrent, and I don't think I remember there being a separate "Finding peers" state in the older versions.

I am looking in the "Logger" tab and I'm not seeing where uTorrent is even trying to run my program (a batch file.) I see where it's running it for other status changes, but not "Downloading" unless I manually pause a torrent and then start it again.

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