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Hi, everyone!

Yesterday I installed v.3.3 as an update (didn't see the build)

Wanted to open About window and noticed 'Show "Get started" page' in the menu. Never noticed it before and clicked to see WTF is that. After brief look wanted to close it, but could'nt find how. Started to switch options one after another but that page remained unchanged. But some other things changed. Finally annoyed, I quit utorrent and restarted it.

Now I can't make view another then just list of ALL torrents. Categories, labels - nothing works when I click on them in the sidebar. Just a big heap of ~750 torrents - finished, active and paused with no ability to struct it other way then sorting by columns. And if it is the preferences option (really weird) - I can't find which one.

Today I downloaded installer of v3.3 build 29625 (current), installed it over old one, but problem still remains.

Hope someone will help

Have a nice day!

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