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Sudden Slow Download Speeds!


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Around a month or two ago, I was getting a good 2mb/s download speed constantly. Now, after changing NO settings I can't get past 30kb/s. Very frustrating, tried many 'Speed boost' videos, however nothing has helped!

My Internet is BT Infinity, 30mb download, 15mb upload.

PC is is hard wired, not wireless.

Any ideas!?!?

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- Use my "speed-boost" setting-file & tips (@my sig... Change the upload limit per your connection's max upload rate.)

- Use "my" (legal) test torrent from: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads ( now - http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/ubuntu-13.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent )

- Use 3.3.1 (@my sig too) ...

Post a before and after screenshots of the resulted speed-graph!

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