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always only one leecher downloading from me


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I use u-torrent for a couple of years now.

Since I have upgraded to the latest version (3.3), not too long time ago, I found one thing that is new and that confused me, because it was not so with older versions of u-torrent.

Every time that I start a torrent as torrent-starter, or every time that I download a torrent, there are shown all peers (seeders and leechers), that are linked to me.

And when I download, I can download from from more than one seeder up to my speed limit.

BUT (no matter if I download or have started a torrent (as first seeder)), always only one leecher is getting data from me, but all leechers connected, are shown.

This is every time the case. I do never seed for more than one leecher in one time (but all are shown)

Not when I have started a torrent, nor when I just hopped on a torrent (with other leechers).

Is there a change in the setting in the newes u-torrent version, that I have to change to seed for more than one leecher ?

As you may understand, English is not my first language, so I hope you understand what I want to tell you and what my problem is


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