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How can I disable the "save as" window when starting a torrent.


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When starting a torrent either from a local .torrent file or from a magnet link, uTorrent opens a dialog asking me what directory I want to save the files in, check boxes for which files within the torrent I want to download, which label I want to use, etc. I want to disable this window and just have it download the torrent right when I start it and use all my default options that I have already set in the preferences.

With that said, the reason I want to to do it this way is that I am using another program to subscribe to files so that they can be downloaded upon release and it automatically starts the torrents once downloaded. However, uTorrent prompts for action before the torrent will begin download, meaning my attempt to automatically download these files without user intervention is effectively pointless until I can figure out how to disable this feature. I do not recall earlier versions of uTorrent doing this. Is there a way to disable this?

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