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yet another disk overload 100%


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i used to have a 25mbps/2mbps line and i had to use the most common tips for disk overload 100%, like adjusting the cache, unchecking reduce memory usage when the cache in not needed, etc? Here's a pic of what i have done for my old net line so it would not have disk overload 100%


so my problem now is i have upgraded to a 260Mbps/30Mbps line and i have disk overload 100%, i have tried to use 2.2.1 version and still no difference, the settings are the same as above pic.and tried this too http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=74820

my server is Win 2008 R2 and here are the specs:

core 2 duo E8500 3.16ghz

Asus Maximus se mobo

4gb OCZ 8500 Platinums

1tb WD1001FALS Hard drive on sata 2

so i was thinking it was a hardware problem but i'm not to sure

for the first part of my downloads it maxes out at 30MB/s and then till the cache runs out it disk overloads 50% and the download speed goes down to 16MB/s for the rest of the download and disk over load stay about 50 to 60%.

so please anybody chime in and see what i might have to do to fix this or if i might have to switch to a linux box

:EDIT: gonna try the new beta 3.3.1

:EDIT 2: i have downloaded 2 files one at 8Gb and one at 16Gb with the new beta and i was downloading at 28MB/s and it lasted all thru the downloads and no disk overload, so i'm knocking on wood for this to be a fix

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k so i set the cache to 256 and the disk overloads at about 30% and downloads at 14 to 16MB/s and the hard drive light isn't on solid like it was when i had it at 1024.

Still can't download my torrents at full speed

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So now you have a starting point to continue tweaking settings and testing until you find an optimal point. You will not 'break' anything permanently, and keep copying each settings.dat with a unique name, so you have a record of what you tried, and the results obtained.

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k will do

i think when i download a torrent that has one to three files the disk overload is next to nil.

so when there is a torrent with rar files i have pre allocate files checked, is there a spot in uTorrent to select to download files in order maybe that will help

:EDIT: is it bt.prio_first_last_piece=false? won't play with it till i get a confirm on it.

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