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Please bring back a single text box for setting download location

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The new system introduced in 3.3 is nice and sure it can help setup location and names, but for a person like me, it's big slow down. I'm a person who uses uTorrent because of the speed and ease to quickly add torrents in a specific place. I can't do this, now that I have to separate the folder name of the whole location into the name (and it won't let me leave the name blank).

This is extremely troublesome for downloading several torrents into the same folder, for example: A new episode of an anime I'm watching has been released, I go to the location where the first episode was so that I can set the location for the second one to download, but now I have to put the location of the parent folder in the locaiton, and the final folder in the name, and this is slightly annoying.


Please add an option in the UI/Interface options somewhere to change adding a torrent location into a single text box instead of separated location/name boxes.

If there is already this request somewhere else, please let me know, because I couldn't find it.

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