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Error: File Exceeds Filesystem Size limit (Write to disk)


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I just felt like registering in order to contribute by reporting this problem when downloading large torrent files, in this case it was a 9.9 GB file.

I'm using the Samsung - Google Nexus 10, up-to-date with the latest Android version 4.2.2 - running the stock firmware but rooted.

µTorrent was installed without changing any settings, the default download location was pointing to /storage/emulated/0/Download

Since Nexus 10 does not have a SDCARD slot, there's no other option to test with, other than a few other folders that are symbolic links to the same data folder.

I'm pretty sure the internal storage does support files larger than 4GB.

Apparently µTorrent thinks this filesystem is FAT32, perhaps because Android Jelly Bean uses FUSE?

This is the only info I've found about FUSE "emulating" FAT32


I'm always available to test further on this,


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