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Command line > different command depending on label name


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At the moment I'm using this line to automatically extract my files to a directory:

winrar e "%D\*.rar" "E:\extracted\%L\%N\"

but this doesn't work perfectly for all files/downloads

how can I give 3 different commands depending on the label name?


if %L=XXX then winrar e "%D\*.rar" "E:\extracted\%L\%N\"

if %L=YYY then winrar e "%D\*.zip" "E:\extracted\%L\%N\"

if %L=ZZZ then winrar e "%D\%N" "E:\extracted\%L\%N\"


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mmh, okay, thanks for the quick response..

but actually I don't fully get what to do with it.

Have been looking around a bit thou.. do I need to make a batch script for this or can I just use it in the command line of Utorrent?

Apart from some html stuff I'm not familiar with coding, so it would be great to find a fitting example.

The things I found myself seemed far more complicated that the 'simple dumb' thing I'd like to do..

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