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Smart feed download folder ignored

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I am running uTorrent on Mac OS X. I have Smart Feeds set up to automatically download files. While files are downloading they are temporarily stored in the (local) directory specified at "Preferences / Directories / Location of downloaded files / Put new downloads in". In each Smart Feed I have set a folder for the "Save in" folder, but files do not get moved to the folders. Instead, they get moved to the default folder specified in "Preferences / Directories / Location of downloaded files / Move completed downloads to:".

The path specified in the Smart Feed is chosen through a choose dialog and it is valid (I can see the files that I've manually moved there). Both the default folder, and the specific RSS folder are different paths on the same network share that allows full read/write guest/anonymous access.

How can I have the Smart Feed downloads get moved to the folder specified in the Smart Feed?

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