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Wrong percentage issue - specific question


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Hello guys,

I only really registered here to post this question. I already stumbled on similar topics but none of the answered my question fully.

Before I shut down my computer yesterday, the percentage of a huge torrent of several seperate music files (~125GB) was already at over 90%.

Well today mwhen I boot up my pc it started checking the file, but it got suck on ~20%. I tried stopping the file and restarted it - now it started downloading again but only at this percentage, 20%. This is so annoying because it took forever to download.

But I checked something now: When I click on the torrent and look at the data there are in, most of them are still now at only 0%. BUT when I right click the data and go to the direction it downloads to, I see that most of the files (because the download was almost finished actually) are actually still there!

So, it pretends that a lot of files aren't there anymore but they really are.

The thing I am wondering now is, what will it do with those. If it would just skip them it would be fine of course. But like this, it can never reach 100%. I tried giving some files taht are actually already loaded a high priority to check if it would just skip them, but it pretty much ignores that and stays at 0%.

What will the programm do? Just stop when all the files that are really missing are done loading?

How can I get the program to recheck maybe to realize that the files are actually there?

I heard that the problem could be that the data have been retaggt somehow so the program can't find them anymore. But like I said, when I go to the download direction, the program CAN find them and there is no change with the files.

So confusing! I hope you guys can help me!

Thank you in adavance.


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There's a force re-check option on the right-click menu for the offending torrent.

Ah okay, I somehow missed it. That could be very helpful. Right now, another file is also checking before it can check this one so it might take a while, but I will give an update as soon I can say whether this works or not.

But really, a disk damage?

I mean, I got other torrents in the list that also checked but they continued at the right point just fine. There were on the same hard drive. Can this still be the issue then?

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There were on the same hard drive. Can this still be the issue then?

Maybe they were BUT they could NOT have been on the same PART of the disc.

Well okay.

So, assuming I still get the same issue again and it doesn't just check the data normally (I don't know that yet), is there a way to fix this? Are all these fancy options in windows like check a hard drive for mistakes of any use? If not, if a part of the hard drive is not working correctly anymore, is there a chance that it could affect the whole disk soon? I mean, even the parts this problematic torrent loads to actually read just fine (I can play all the finished data without any errors). In short, is there a huge risk of data loss?

Again, that is just an option here, I still hope it will ckeck the data correctly this time.

PS: This seems to be a great forum! I am really thankful for your help and am amazed of how fast you all answer! :-D

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Are all these fancy options in windows like check a hard drive for mistakes of any use?

Yes, .... it's labelled ... .... wait for it ....

Check Disk for errors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, english is not my native language so I might now understand everything. What do you mean by "it's labelled"?

Also, there are several options to check a disk, some of whick take longer and others don't. If I have to do that, should I check all the boxes?

If it does all this, would the broken part really be repaired then?

I also have a "tuning program" for my PC (most people hate these apparently), that also got a repair disk option. Is it a better idea for windows to do that or this program?

Sorry, I really have no idea about stuff like that. I always thought that these options were of no real use.

Thank you! :-)

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Okay so this time it just stopped after like 2% of checking.

This sucks, now I have to do that disk check and it takes forever.

I hope that this can at least fix the problem.

How high are the odds that this will fix the problem? I am doing the most "In-deph" check there is in windows.

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