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Migrated to new HD/ do not downloads are downloading


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I migrated to a new harddrive and I have many torrents that are partial downloads that I only wanted certain files from the torrent. I modified the resume.dat to point to the new directory. I have all of the torrents loaded but now of my partial downloads that I used to have preselected certain files to DO NOT DOWNLOAD are now downloading. I stopped all of those torrents and now my HD is completely full because it precached space for the files that I did not want to download. What should I do? I do not want any of the files that I chose not to download to be on my computer now my HD is completely full.

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Remove the jobs ->

Delete the duplicates ->

Read the migration guide ->

Reload the jobs as stopped ->

Force a recheck before starting.

Unfortunately the jobs are not duplicates, I wish it was that easy. I forced rechecked them and then they cached the entire not downloaded torrent part. I do have the ones that want to finish downloading stopped. It took me forever to pick and choose which files to download from those torrents and I would not want to do that over again.

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