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New Downloads going to incorrect directory


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I'm running the most recent version (3.3). In 'Directories' I have checked "put new downloads in G:Incomplete Torrents". This has worked for several years until my recent update. Now that directory is being ignored and all downloads are going to my C drive default 'download' directory. I've moved all the files over to my designated directory (G: Incomplete Torrents) several times, deleted the incorrect C drive 'download' folder but a new folder is being generated each time a download begins with all torrents starting to download anew, even files previously near completion. What am I doing wrong? Ideally, how should I set up my 'Directory' preferences if using only one external HD. I've never run into this problem before and would guess I'm overlooking something that should be obvious to my shrinking brain. Thanks in advance for saving my little remaining sanity.

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