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v3.3 (29625) Still downloading skipped files


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Since several versions back, I realised uTorrent downloads skipped files. My question is: is this a bug or intended function? (I searched the forum. No comprehensible answer)


Kindly notice that all skipped files are downloaded. I skipped them when I'm adding the torrent.

I will not update to the latest beta or upload HiJack etc because I believe they are not related. But if they are, I would be happy to do so.

My average speed is painful, and I'm downloading large files now, so I do not want to disturb them by updating to beta. However, this issue remained so I do believe it exists in the latest beta.

Just wondering, is this a bug, or is this a good 'function'. I don't know how uTorrent works, maybe it randomly download packets and uTorrent does not want to waste any downloaded pieces, maybe?

It is worth mentioning that skipped files does not appear in my download folder. Changing the priority of skipped files to 'Normal' will make them appear instantly without further download. (The skipped files are already 100% downloaded).

Please elucidate on the matter. I am not a technical person, and does not understand any jargon.

Thank you very much!

Happy torrenting! :D

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It's not something that can be fixed.

Why do early versions of uTorrent work then? I never had a problem with 2.X versions of uTorrent. Until I updated to 3 then all of a sudden even if I don't all the movie posters.jpg and the downloaded from XX.txt I still get them.

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