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It would be nice to separate seed from leech like Azureus


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Im sure alot of people would like this who seconds this?ps.another feature that would be good is a minimum upload speed option this is currently availible in bitcomet and makes uploading/seeding alot more stable because the speed rarely drops below the min speed requirement.

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Yes, I'd like to see this too.

Not just because you could easily distinguish seeding from downloading, but you could (perhaps) modify the coloums separately.

e.g.: for seeded torrents I do not need to know the download speed, the percentage, the estimated time.

For download I don't need the uploaded amount of data, only the ratio, and so on...

But if it's too big problem, I can live without it.

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But you cannot select separate coloumns... :?

There is a lot of info needed for downoading torrent, witch doesn't have any meanings for seeded torrents. (As I explained above.)

Sorting out these infos needs valuable "brain-time". :lol:

The separate display may be turned on/off, and implemented among the tabs (general, peers, peaces, etc...) if enabled.

I think quite some ppl would love to see this kind of UI. :rolleyes:

I forgot to mention: i really don't want to bother anyone. I can live without it if noone else thinks so.

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