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Multiple uTorrent Instances


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Hi, I'm running a home server/NAS, which has uTorrent 3.3 installed and running on it. I would like to remotely administer if via the webUI - Which I have all up and running.

However, when I add a torrent via another PC ont he network using the webUI, the torrent doesn't show up in the local uTorrnent interface on the server?

I check the running processes on the server and I see two instances of uTorrent. Is this normal?

I have also schedule utorrent.exe to run itself when the server first starts up (without a user having to log on), could this be affecting it?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Upon restarting my server, only the torrents which are in the local uTorrent are viewable. The ones added from the webUI have now disappeared??

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Still getting this problem. Just shut my home server down, booted it back up, and one of my torrents have disappeared.

Only solution I can see working is saving all my /torrent files to a folder, then having uTorrent open those files on every restart. I shouldn't have to do this though, how is no one else having this problem?

I've also lost some labels that I created before the shutdown.

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