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Down speed dropped massively


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I am new to this so please excuse me if this topic is already being discussed elsewhere on the forum.

I started downloading a file (1.83Gb), at first it stated ETA 46mins, I have got to 72,3% and now it says ETA 12w 3d, this changed happen at a click of a finger, I am struggling to figure out why it has dropped, I have a reasonable broadband download speed of 6.4Mb, nothing has changed with any settings and my house is the only one on the telephone exchange so if im right in thinking this, it couldn't be other households using large amounts of the line speed.

can anyone give me assistance so I can try to get this down speed higher? I am very simple minded when it comes to settings and really don't want to alter anything as I have no idea what these things mean.

Many thanks

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