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Bug Report - The System cannot find the path specified. (WriteToDisk)


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Hello, i always use utorrent so i felt like i should report this bug.

utorrent version is: 3.3 build 29625 32-bit

OS version is: windows 7 64-bit

The bug is, when you put a dot at the end of your torrent's name(equally the sub folder's name) it creates the folder with the dot at the end but torrent doesnt start at all and gives the "The System cannot find the path specified. (WriteToDisk)" error.

With an example;

You download a torrent for a game named "Freeware Game" utorrent asks you for subfolders name and if you put a dot or maybe the uploader has put the dot already (actually there was a dot already when this appeared to me) the name becomes or the name was "Freeware Game." by some reason. Then you start the torrent and utorrent just creates the "Freeware Game." folder but when try to write it just doesnt at all..

You can test it with all torrents just put a dot at the end of it and it gives the error.. Looks like its not that a big bug but believe me when you see that in a regular day you suddenly start to think about your antivirus, your hardware and lots of problem(yeah experience talking) :) Hope you guys fix it.

Long live utorrent! Keep up the good work.

edit: and the answer is still no. even if you disable cache or something, the bug is still there..

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