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What's Wrong Here...


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Warning: Rant to follow...

I find myself thinking I'm like the person who sees sausage being made, and never wants to eat it again.

I like uTorrent, still. But I'm disgusted with the numerous times "fixes" have turned out to just not work. And it sticks in my craw how long it took to address the non-working %s in UI Extras... more than a YEAR... and how, when it was addressed, the "fix" just introduced a new issue (non-working separator). And how I was AFRAID to try the latest "stable" release to see if it was fixed per the change log, because there were so many other more serious problems surfacing per these boards.

Not long ago, AdamK commented about how development might/should be changed.

1) Well, how about working on ONE RELEASE at a time. This juggling of 3.3 "stable," 3.3.x "whatever," and 3.4 "just not anywhere near ready" is for (very large) development teams who can handle this kind of complexity - fixing something in one version and importing that fix into another version's code base without mucking up some other code that didn't exist or was changed from it's original. Review the forums for any evidence you need that the current devs are just not up to this. Bluntly, given the complexity of this software, I'm not sure anyone is. And as for AdamK's speculating about new features... LET'S GET THE DOCUMENTED, EXISTING ONES TO WORK FIRST.

2) If a bug was reported by one or more users, and they are willing to do so, have them test the "fix" before you release it as part of any other version. Devs obviously dump RC, beta, and even alpha releases now on indiscriminant users (per their perhaps unthinking choice), so instead, target the ones who have "skin" in a particular bug game. It is apparent that there are quite a few very sofisticated users who could and would help weed out the "case we missed" problems.


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1) Well, how about working on ONE RELEASE at a time

That scenario can only work successfully if there are two or three developers, all working on EVERY part of the application, and for that to work each one of the team must be equally good at every type of development, whether it be GUI design, GUI functions and features, protocol handling, communication and networking, Disk I/O, interrupt handling, etc. etc.

Though having said that, I don't really understand the frenetic pace of minor versions adding new "features". Who or what are you trying to keep up with? Or where exactly are you trying to get to?

With many application developers, releasing new versions is a matter of commercial concern, but this is an application that is then given away for the most part, the pace of releases seems to make little sense.

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