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uTorrent Version 3.1.3 Not Downloading or Seeding


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Today I logged into my work VPN for the 1st time in a while, and even after disonnecting and reboot, downloads and seeds will not work. The seeds are "red" which tells me there is no activity. The only other time when I have seen this is when I forget to stop uTorrent before plugging into the work network. I am guessing this happens there because there is some firewall that blocks torrent activity. I would expect this to happen when connected to the VPN (from home) as well, but it has not recovered after disconnecting from the VPN. I have a feeling that the VPN connection earlier in the day (I had not connected to the VPN in over a month) has something to do with this problem.

My ISP is Verizon.

OS Windows 7 Enterprise

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