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Avoiding prefaced files like [www.Torrenting.com] -


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I often see downloads (often those that come from RSS feeds) that once they hit the main screen and get their metadata, will suddenly change names from



[www.Torrenting.com] - Random.Torrent.s12e02.720p.x264

with a resulting change in the directory they're placed in.

I know that if you look at, say, Pirate Bay's RSS feed, there might be 3-4 copies of the same episode, and if you download all of them, some will do that, and some won't. There's no way, looking at the RSS feed, to identify the uploader (which is usually a way to identify which files will do that) ahead of time, that I can see.

Is there any way to identify beforehand and avoid these downloads in favor of ones that don't mess with the file/directory names?

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