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Download much larger than file size


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I recently started using uTorrent (mostly in conjuction with Isohunt and TPB) for movie downloads on my new NBN connection. Within 5 days of my new connection I downloaded about 7 movies (between 700MB to 1.5GB each) and nearly fell over after logging into my ISP to check my download usage - over 50GB.

Called my ISP and logged a fault with them; they checked all their end and advised usage was correct. Tested out a single movie download on the weekend and tracked the usage by hour on my ISP website. For a 1.8GB file, I ended up using 15GB in download (WTF?!?!?!).

I have seen some comments on other forums about bad data, hashfails etc but uTorrent showed only about 700kb in hashfails and 13GB in bad data seems excessive.

Can anyone shed some light on something I should be doing differently or something I can double check on/with???

Many thanks

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I can double check on/with???

Enable logging if your router supports it,

Read the usage that the router shows,

Use a bandwith monitor application.

Check the transfer cap stats in preferences

make sure your wireless connection is not open.

and check whatever else is connected to your router.

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Some other things to check, just to make sure:

Are the figures your ISP are quoting are definitely download ONLY, or do they record all bandwidth used, in which case your upload of these files is also being recorded.

If it's the latter, check your ratios as that will tell you how much traffic you're generating on each file; personally, I have uTorrent configured to default cap at 1.5, that way I return what I receive plus a little bit more but not so that things get ridiculous.

I'm not familiar with what NBN stands for, but I'm assuming it's a high-speed connection of some sort, in which case you will also be attracting a lot of data requests for sharing data; whilst each request is only a small data packet, if you have become a prime target in the swarm you will be getting thousands of them and they do add up. Again, capping your ratios will limit the "damage" being inflicted on you.

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