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High upload speed wrong? Nervous!


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I just had something strang happen. The bar at the bottom of the uTorrent window said 300+kB (close to my max) while the total of the individual uploading torrents said around 4kB This continued for several minutes while I investigated. It appears to have been fluctuating with an average around 200kB for an hour. I do not know what the individual torrents uploaded during that time. Just that they were doing around 4 when I opened the window. I wonded it I had a hijack problem? I changed the port and it went to what it should have been, but that may have been a coincidence. Nothing found on AVG scan. Checking Spybot. I have been using uTorrent from the beginning and have never seen that. I am using version 3.0. because one of my sources has banned 3.3. Has this happened to others? Can anyone explain? I would appreciate it. Thanks


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