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Download speed too slow Galaxy Ace Ginger 2.3.6


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Hello !

My Internet connection:

ADSL Modem ZHONE -> Wifi Router DLink Dir 600-> LAN 1 to PC and WiFi for Galaxy Ace

A couple of days ago, I downloaded Utorrent from Google Play ... the point is that Utorrent works perfect on PC (referring to the speed of downloading), makes the most of my 1Mbps plan, but in the Android application, is very unstable and volatile download speed ... in short, too slow download speed in the Android app, and on PC the same torrent downloads faster.

I have checked the same torrents downloading on the PC and on Android, have enough Seeders and less Leechers so the Torrent Health is 100%.

PC Download speed: 110 kB/s Average

uTorrent Android download speed: Highly variable, rarely reaches 100 kB / s, all the time up and down of 70 kB / s to less than 20 kB / s...even at times is less than 10 kB / s.

In the WiFi options I have ticked "Never turn off Wifi" when the screen is off or phone locked.

I download the files in the SD Card, which is 16 GB, i have plenty of space there.

Android version 2.3.6 GB

What could be the problem?


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My Internet Connection is up to 1 Mbps, i get the half or less in the Galaxy Ace downloading with uTorrent...if i download a program or i make a SpeedTest.net i get full speed in the cellphone...the problem is only with uTorrent it wont download at maximun speed, when it does in my PC or Opera Mini self downloader...

also i have a laptop which download at full speed - 110 kB/s average. using the same Wifi

Thanks for your answer i hope we can find what's going on in my App :)

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Opera Mini self downloader...
Different method of downloading so not comparable.
My Internet Connection is up to 1 Mbps,
It is how fast peers will send pieces that counts NOT your connection.

Are all three examples downloading the EXACT same jobs?

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yes, the Opera Mini self downloader just to notice that the internet speed is ok in the Cellphone, only uTorrent wont download at max speed.

I dont know what you meant, i just know that on my PC using uTorrent, everything goes fine...and in the android app, it doesnt...

i've tested with the same torrent in three ways, PC,Laptop and Phone, PC and Laptop downloads fine, the Phone i dont know why the download speed its so unstable...i cant say an average speed cuz sometimes is at 90 kB/s two seconds after is at 30 kB/s and then..

im only can see Incoming Port in the uTorrent app options so i dont know what could be the problem

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