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Previously Saved Window Size

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This is just my feedback for the UI.

I'm a very very neat & tidy person, and I always resize each of my application windows to a specified one.

Thus I make my utorrent window size to be:


Notice the edges. I always make sure they are perfectly fit.

But when I shut down my laptop without exiting the utorrent from the menu, the window size will be scattered all over again after I on my laptop again. :(


To make sure the window size stays the same after I shut down and on my laptop again, I have to manually choose exit command from either right-clicking the tray icon or from the utorrent toolbar menu.

Can you somehow improve the window size state even if I do not exit the utorrent manually?

Thank you for all your greatwork, there are no words to describe how thankful I am for this great lightweight torrent downloader :D

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