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Torrents stop & then utorrent stops responding?


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hey :)

My torrents download as normal, but then they all of a sudden start saying "WARNING: Possibly insufficient sources". When I click on the torrents that say that, the information bar at the bottom of the uTorrent window turns black and then a "(Not responding)" comment appears at the top of the window. I then close the program & start it up again. It works for 5 or so minutes before it does the same thing again? I've never had this problem before. I understand that there might not be enough peers, but I don't understand why my uTorrent just stops responding, if that is the case.

My firewalls are set to allow uTorrent to make internet connections.

My laptop is new, got it 2 days ago, I don't know if maybe that is the cause. I'm using Windows 8.

thanks! :D

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