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torrent lists disappeared; migration instructions out of date?


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All the torrents on my lists are gone, which I gather from searching is due to my having to hard close my system. I have many torrents that I need back on the lists and I believe (once again, from searching) that I will need to migrate them. Following the directions given in another thread, I went to the guide and "Loading multiple torrents stored in a single folder", which is what I need. This refers to instructions such as "Options > Preferences > Downloads " which I can't find located there. Is there any place with current instructions for this or can someone tell me how to do this? It would be much appreciated.



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which I can't find located there.
Can't find what there?

I can't find the menu (or whatever you call it) mentioned in the migration guide for multiple torrents: "Options > Preferences > Downloads ". In the uTorrents main page, I find Options in beween File and Help, with Preferences as a choice below that, but no Downloads.

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