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(Unofficial) iCandy Jr. toolbar preview--cancelled


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Got the following response from Jono (aka Foood) today:


Sorry for the delay in replying. I'm extremely busy with work & am receiving more emails than I can cope with at the moment.

What size icons does uTorrent use? I'm working on some icons for an ABC theme. Maybe the new icons could also be used for a uTorrent theme?



FOOOD's Icons

With any luck there will be an official ABC theme out soon and I'll hopefully have permission to port the relevant icons to uTorrent if he doesn't do so himself :)

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Yeah, I wrote him back and told him I could scale the icons down if they were too big

Update: I just took a look at the only ABC icon set I could find, and it also uses 24x24 icons, but it doesn't appear to support 32-bit icons or 24-bit w/'magic pink". From what I can tell the background actually has to be skinned to match the app window background, but I may be wrong (I haven't done any research aside from that, and installing ABC and taking a look at the default set may be more enlightening). In any case, hopefully the icon set will also be available as 32-bit icons or pngs so that they can be easily manipulated for other use. ABC has all the buttons that uTorrent has and then some, and the ones that match are analogous, so it'd pretty much be a direct port, just rearranging those appropriate into one long strip instead of having them as separate bitmaps.

I'm really starting to get excited :)

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