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Running programs after a torrent completes


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For auto-extracting files after download completes:

Use the following command inside preferences->Advanced->Run-Program:

"c:\program files\winrar\winrar.exe" x -ibck "%D\*.r*" "%D"


cmd /c start /min IF EXIST "%D\*.r*" "c:\program files\winrar\winrar.exe" x -ibck "%D\*.r*" "%D"

Were c:\program files\winrar\winrar.exe - is the location of your Winrar program.

Adding the '-ad' switch will also create a sub-folder with the rar file name.

I took this from rafi tips posting. I was wondering if I can run a virus checker, by using the example above, after the torrents are complete? Any possibilities?


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If your AV application is set up appropriately it will be scanning data as it is written to disc or as it is arriving on the network interface.

But whether you can run a scan of the data really depends on what AV you use and whether it supports command line scanning or not.

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Yes, my AV (AVG) does check the data as it's downloading, but I was just curious how could I check the file after downloading. I use MS Outlook, and AVG scans all the incoming e-mails, and I was just curious if this could be applied to µTorrent after a torrent finishes downloading?

Way back in the olden days (1995-2000), I use to use NAV, and I thought it was the best thing invented. Then it started getting too big and took up allot of memory, which slowed my computer down, so I switched to AVG.

I also just upgraded to the latest version of Ad-Aware, can I some how use that to scan files? I'm not really that good with command line parameters, especially with µTorrent.

Thanks for posting. :)

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If you ask me, that's overkill.

I mean, as ciaobaby said before, if you have a good antivirus software and it's properly configured, it should scan files on the fly and avoid any harmful file being saved on your disk...

If it was not picked up on the fly, why should it be picked up by manually scanning?

Not a big fan of AVG, you should give a try to Kaspersky... ;)


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Thanks for the comment, does Kaspersky check incoming e-mail (which, hopefully, most AV should do) and puts a small comment on the bottom of each e-mail it checks (Similar to what AVG does).

Just being curious, why do you prefer Kaspersky? I do know NAV takes up allot of memory, is it just a personal preference?


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Yes, Kaspersky can scan incoming mail... You have both the antivirus, and the internet security thing...

I only have the AV installed...

Why do I prefer Kaspersky?

Well... I'm 31 years old now, I have internet access since ages...

I tried many different ones, Norton, Nod32, McAfee, Panda, Avast...

And Kaspersky...

Yes, Kasperesky will mostly slow your pc down if your pc is a bit old... But that's because Kaspersky goes further and deepear than the other ones... Not a single thing has infected my pc while using Kaspersky ;)

My mom's notebook also has Kaspersky installed, and she's clean as well (she's not a tech savvy)

And since my pc is quite up to date, I don't really mind loosing a few milliseconds over security.

Just to give you an idea:

- Kav blocks webpages if they're flagged as dangerous, and you won't be able to browse them unless you close Kav

- Kav blocks harmful code from being saved in the internet browser cache, blocking exploits that FF or IE could have

- Kav deletes infected/suspicious executables contained in .zip and .rar files as they are saved (that is, you'll never be able to see them)

We are quite offtopic here, but well, you asked, hehe...

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