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uTorrent Speed Test


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Ok, so recently my speed on uTorrent has been terrible, I am talking at about 4 kB/s!

I researched on the topic and it I found out that I had to change the settings of the uTorrent setup guide. (By pressing Ctrl + G).

I decided to run a test but none of the locations were near me (I am in Australia). Down below it said 'If no location is near, you can test at dslreports and input your upload speed.'

So I clicked the link and it took me to a page where I was completely lost! It has a list of multiple tests like Flash (Adobe), Java, Mobile Browser and Directory.

WHAT DO I DO!? Thanks :)

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I have just put uTorrent on my friend's computer and kept coming up with the little yellow triangle in the bottom right corner saying I had no connections.

I did the setup guide, but am also in Australia, so clicked through to the speed tests. None on that page relate to the 3G mobile broadband wifi modem that I use, so I clicked through to see the other tests. There was one done by CNet Australia, but it does not specify what speed it is measuring (upload or download). It just says "line speed: 0.4423Mb/s".

Btw, the little yellow triangle disappeared, so I thought I was good...

So I selected 384 in the setup guide page, did the port check (which was fine), but when I loaded a torrent (which, supposedly, has 20-odd thousand seeders), nothing happens. It just sits at "Downloading 0.0%". In the info tab down the bottom, it is not even coming up with seeders and other information, it's just blank...

Help! What have I done wrong?

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There is a fault in current builds that falsely reports the port status.

Check with an external tool and forward manually if required.

but when I loaded a torrent (which, supposedly, has 20-odd thousand seeders),
If peers do not connect they do not exist

Read this >> http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992 follow the steps, run the tests and provide the information.

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