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Tracker become offline


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I've posted this que' in the troubleshooting and someone sent be to this forum, i'll

just copy and paste from the other forum.


I started using utorrent 2 weeks ego and until last friday everything was fantastic.

Utorrent is my fist Bittorrent client (i've never downloaded torrent before) and i was suprised by the simpleness of this program.

A week ego i started to download a very big torrent file- 24.7GB, i download the torrent from "mininova" and all over the week i had something like 400 peers and 20 seed and the speed was like 50K, in friday the torrent reached 98.4% of the files, something like 300MB left.

But then something happened, the next time i opened the program almost all the peers and all the seeds disapeared, only 3 peers left, of course that the speed decreased dramaticly to 0.5K. I'm new to this subject so all i could thought about is to press "update tracker" 100 times and to close and reopen the program. It didnt help at all, the peers have just disapeared!

I entered "mininova" again and searched the same torrent, ive found it and i saw that everything is OK, the torrent still had many sources, ive checked and saw that im still downloading with the same tracker that i was downloading form all the week, but now there are no sources!

Please help me , i have downloaded more than 24GB of this file and i dont want to loose it...

What can i do? can i change tracker? can i add tracker? and why the hell my tracker stoped working well suddenly?


What is the tracker status? And you shouldn't press Update Tracker too often, as it hammers the tracker.


"offline (timedout)" but there is like 0.5-1K in the downloading and full speed uploding! how can it be?

what does it mean and what can i do? can i change tracker in the middle of the downloading?



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the tracker is just some sort of "meeting point" Even when the tracker is down (or timed out) you could Up- and Download when your client knows the IP adresses of the other Peers. this works thru DHT/PEX when the tracker is not reachable and could not coordinate the Information exchange who is part of the sharing swarm.

Just leave the torrent running. Maybe sooner or later a 100% seeder comes back to the swarm and you can finish the download.

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Uh, I didn't send you to this forum... I said General tab, as in the tab in µTorrent... I didn't notice that you edited your post (10 seconds after I posted), and your original question was asking where you could find the tracker status, hence my reponse... -.-

Anyhow, if the tracker's down, it's the tracker that's down. Meaning you can't get new peers, and the peers you're connected to were either from DHT, or your peer cache. Just wait.

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"Is it good to work with more then one tracker per download?"

It is not something that would harm the downloading process, so it's not bad. ;)

In fact, many torrents now have more than one tracker in times where THEY shut down tracker sites and Piratebay is normaly timed out due too many connectionattemps.

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