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Seed only option is allowing downloads


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I'm on an on peek off peek service giving me unlimited downloads off-peek but only 50gb on-peek. I've set the utorrent schedule accordingly but when it's set to seed only I'm getting the odd torrent coming through and downloading, usually a torrent that hasn't started downloading yet. I'm lucky I noticed this before I hit my limit otherwise I'd be screwed for the month. My net speed is currently 25/5 on a fiber connection and I'm about to go up to 50/20 so if I don't get this sorted soon I'll be blowing out my 50gb limit in a matter of hours.

Screenshot below or one torrent seeding through.


I'm wondering if this is a known bug (haven't seen any other posts) or if I'm just having a weird issue myself. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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Version: 3.3 (build 29625)

I just turned on limit local peers, my private tracker asked me to turn it off in their setup guide so I'll see how I go. I'll reset the counters when I go off-peek and let it run while I'm at work, see how I go.

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my private tracker asked me to turn it off in their setup guide


We got us a winner.

99% of the 'staff' at private trackers (and let's get something clear right now, there's nothing private about them. you sign up accounts, and then you log into those accounts to use them, and they log your activity - does that sound 'private' to you?) don't know if it's bumhole or breakfast.

The few that do, know better than to do a 'setup guide'.

If they havea special setup guide, they've either

a) not got a clue what they're talking about, and going by rumours (which are usually false), or

B) screwed up setting up their tracker and it's associated logging system really badly, requiring the special setup.

Either way a 'setup guide' is a BIG red flag to get the hell away from that site..

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