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Cannot uncheck "Create Subfolder"? [resuming torrents from old client]


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I recently had to reinstall my OS. At the same time, I chose to migrate from my old BT client to uTorrent. Not a problem - except that I was seeding a couple dozen torrents with the previous client, and wanted to continue seeding them with uTorrent without having to re-download them.

With most of my torrents this worked fine: I just oppened the .torrent file in uTorrent, chose the save location where I already had all the data, and uTorrent just hash-checked and started seeding it.

However, *some* .torrents don't allow me to do this: when I open them, the "Create Subfolder" checkbox is forced on and greyed out - I cannot uncheck it. Obviously then, I cannot point uTorrent to the location where the data already exists.

If I select a location one level above the data subfolder, and try to "create subfolder" with the same name as the one I already have, it simply complains "access denied" (since the folder already exists).

I even tried to start re-downloading the torrent to another subfolder, and then stopping immediately (in order to move my existing data instead so it could be hash-checked). However, when I do this I cannot even find the "in progress" subfolder at all!

What gives? How to fix?

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Never mind -- it appears that the "create subfolder" is greyed out only when the torrent's content is a single file, and in this case it does not create a subfolder.

However, the appearance is very misleading. The greyed-out box does have a check mark in it, so naturally I assumed it was going to create a subfolder no matter what.

Just a suggestion.... make the checkbox appearance actually reflect what the program is going to do.

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