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Where To View A History Of DownLoads

Southern Belle

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On W7 UT leaves a copy of the torrents on ¿C?:\Users\????\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent

If you sort them by creation date, you should have the closest thing to a history of UT downloaded

I'm sure there's something like that on another OS version..

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As a break from coding a WordPress template I decided to make a simple library app.

Available at http://ciaobaby.info/utorrent/LibWrite.zip

Unzip and put the .exe file anywhere you like and call it from uTorrent with the parameters you want to save when a job completes.

It will write them and the date to a CSV file called torlib.csv in %appdata%\utorrent\ that you can import into a spreadsheet.

Example: ... path .. \libwrite.exe "%L" "%D" "%N%"

Will output a line of,


to import:

Field seperators are a comma (,) and text delimiters are quote marks (")

Each time it runs it will append a new line to the CSV with the parameters (and the date) you pass to it.

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